What are aphrodisiacs and how are they used?

The word “aphrodisiac” came to us from Ancient Greece and means “love pleasures” in translation. Aphrodisiacs are drugs that stimulate sexual desire. The information about them is so vast and diverse that it is practically impossible to separate grains from the chaff in this assortment, and myths, respectively, from reality.

But we, not pretending to own the ultimate truth, still try: after all, in spite of everything, people still continue to experiment in this area in attempts to improve their sex life and make it brighter, and even seduce, finally , someone who by ordinary means is by no means seduced.   

Recall that aphrodisiacs are considered substances that increase attraction. Therefore, it would be incorrect to call Viagra and other means of treating impotence: they imply physiological intervention in order to realize the sexual desire that is available. Therefore, we do not consider Viagra & Co.    

For many centuries, people from all over the world have tried various types of food, drinks and all kinds of chemistry in the hope that at least something will take on the desired magical effect.

For example, the similarity of some plants with male or female genital organs did not escape the attention of ancient experimenters – let’s recall at least the root of the mandrake. And even today one can often hear the opinion that parsley root is very conducive in bed; on the other hand, over time, a substantial addition to this advice was lost, namely , how to best tie it, this root …   

In the epic of each nation there are descriptions of miraculous means. The Kama Sutra recommends a dish of rice, passerine eggs, stewed onions and honey. Koreans use the meat of poisonous snakes, the Japanese – mussels, the Egyptians – garlic, the Chinese – ginseng.   

And sometimes the aphrodisiastic properties were completely attributed to completely unimaginable substances – like powder from a rhino horn, the price of which reached astronomical amounts and provoked the genocide of innocent animals. 

By the way, the ability to beneficially influence the work of the offspring was attributed to any horns, as a result of which the unenviable fate of rhinos also befell deer, bulls and other variously sized cattle. From here , having gone through completely unthinkable transformations, the horns began to be considered a symbol of treason, adorning, it is completely incomprehensible why, the head of the victim. 

However, all of the above does not mean that there are no real, active aphrodisiacs in the world. It’s just that they don’t have to go so far, and for the most part they also have, in addition to the desired and desired ones, negative side effects that interfere with their use.

According to a study by the US Food and Drug Administration, not one of the aphrodisiacs known today has the claimed properties and is not without consequences.

And some of them were clearly recognized as hazardous to health 

So, the most famous of the effective aphrodisiacs is the insect Lytta vesicatoria , known colloquially as the “Spanish fly” . Its body and wings contain a compound called cantharidin, which clogs the bloodstream in the genital area, creating a feeling of warmth and sexual arousal. Naturally, such an effect causes a stable erection in men and unequivocal sensations in women. However, the prolonged use of such a drug can lead men to a constant erection, priapism (which, they say, is very , very painful), and women to swelling of the genitals, which causes quite unpleasant sensations, up to the inability to sit.   

So, when buying a bottle of “miraculous remedy”, it is better to make sure that you know exactly what it consists of and what consequences it may lead to.

Sometimes they try to use alcohol or drugs as an aphrodisiac : be it marijuana, amphetamines or something else. Naturally, when you turn off the centers of self-control in your head, people can do absolutely wild things, and certain amphetamines in combination with other substances sold freely in a pharmacy (just don’t ask for the exact recipe!) Can turn any woman into a completely wild creature who wants only sex .   

However, such experiments, firstly, are associated with memory lapses, and secondly, most judges will necessarily recognize soldering someone like this mixture as a real rape.

If you take the issue seriously, not being lazy and not wanting to harm yourself or your partner, then you can do without exterminating exotic animals and hunting for tropical flies. It’s enough not to forget that in our brain there are no less erogenous zones than on our body.  

So, a romantic dinner with strawberries and champagne is considered a good aphrodisiac . Here we are happy to agree, especially if dinner is held with all the appropriate surroundings and in a suitable setting.  

By the way, researchers claim that small doses of champagne also have a positive physiological effect: carbon dioxide from champagne, along with fruit sugar contained in strawberries, stimulates the breakdown of the latter, leading to increased production of female hormones. Naturally, champagne alcohol itself has nothing to do with it, but in large doses it, on the contrary, can lead to various embarrassments.

However, when it comes to relationships, experiment – and be sure to find what is good personally for you and your partner! 

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