Symptoms of the human papillomavirus in men

About 90% of the world’s population suffer from human papillomavirus infection. HPV in men is hidden for a long time, sometimes the patient does not pay attention to its signs. Left unattended, the disease can lead to disorders in sexual life, pathologies of the urinary system, erectile dysfunction.

Why does a virus occur?

There are several reasons why the human papillomavirus begins to progress in men:

  • multiple sexual contacts;
  • household method through towels, insufficiently disinfected common areas or tools in beauty salons, dental clinics;
  • during childbirth from the mother.

Most often, the spread of human papillomavirus infection in men occurs sexually. A typical representative of the risk group is a young man who has an early sexual life, often changing partners.

The constant use of a condom will not help against infection, since the pores of latex are larger than the diameter of the bacteria that cause papillomavirus .

It is believed that the risk of infection is greater for those who have sex with partners over 25 years old. This is not entirely true, since the likelihood of infection is high even if an intimate relationship arose with a virgin.

It is easier to get infected from a carrier without sexual experience, because the breakthrough of the hymen is an injury to the mucous membranes. HPV can live in the female body from birth, since girls are more likely to get it from their mother at the time of passage through the birth canal.

Important! A small number of pathogens are found in saliva, so you can get this disease by kissing.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

For most strains, the incubation period is about 4 weeks, but more often than not, men do not show symptoms of HPV for many years.

External signs can be seen with:

  • decreased immunity;
  • long-term use of strong medications;
  • antibiotic therapy;
  • alcohol abuse and tobacco smoking.

With the vulnerability of the human immune system, viral agents begin to accumulate in one place, forming a change in the epithelium. They penetrate the DNA, after which the skin cells begin to divide uncontrollably, which causes a neoplasm. It is located on the surface of the skin or one of the mucous membranes of the body. Such outgrowths are different:

  • size;
  • form;
  • view.

The most dangerous symptoms of the human papillomavirus in men are genital warts, which at the initial stage are single formations similar to acne, and later coalesce into extensive lesions. At an advanced stage, they coalesce and resemble cauliflower in shape. Most often they are located in the groin, on the head of the penis, around the anus, inside the urethra.

Many perceive warts as a cosmetic defect, but if HPV is not treated in men, the cells of the formations will degenerate into cancerous ones. The occurrence of genital warts may be accompanied by a slight burning sensation, itching. During sexual intercourse, there is a risk of damage to the neoplasms, which leads to pain in the affected area and slight bleeding. If a person’s immunity is restored and begins to fight the virus, then the probability of self-healing is high.

What are the consequences of pathology?

An infected man, first of all, is dangerous for his partner, as he can pass papillomavirus to her . Family members may also be at risk if they share a towel with him. If condylomas have struck the urethra, then with the growth of the formation, its partial or complete blockage occurs. This negatively affects the urinary system, leads to inflammatory processes.

If the formations arose on the glans penis or around the anus, then the man is infected with a type of virus, the consequence of which is the degeneration of epithelial cells into a malignant tumor. If the patient practices traditional sex, then prostate cancer occurs, and with frequent anal homosexual contact, this disease affects the rectum. Passion for oral sex can cause the formation of papillomas in the throat.

Infection Treatment Methods

Before prescribing treatment, a man undergoes a thorough examination. It includes:

  • examination of the genitals and the whole body of the patient;
  • careful history taking;
  • swab taken from the mucous membrane inside the urethra;
  • PCR study that accurately determines the type of virus;
  • biopsy (most often performed already at the stage of treatment, tissues are taken from the removed condyloma);
  • ureteroscopy.

Additionally, swabs from the area around the anus are necessary if a man enters into homosexual contacts. All these studies will make it possible to establish a diagnosis, determine the type of virus, the strength of the damage to the body of a man, the period of infection.

It is important to accurately determine the type of infection, because it depends on what treatment will be prescribed. If a man is infected with a type with high oncogenic activity, then it is necessary to remove the neoplasm, and then treat it with antiviral drugs. After completion of therapy, it is necessary to regularly take tests again. It is impossible to completely recover from papillomavirus , but it is possible to transfer the disease into a stable remission.

Doctors select a method for removing warts, based on the patient’s condition. Today, in addition to the traditional excision with a scalpel, there are more modern ways to get rid of overgrown epithelial cells:

  • use of a laser beam;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • radio wave surgery;
  • neutralization with acids, special ointments.

Folk remedies in the treatment of human papillomavirus in men cannot be used, as you can provoke the growth of pathological cells that cause oncology. For the same reason, it is forbidden to touch warts, try to tear them off or squeeze them out like a pimple. You will not be able to heal yourself in this way, but only exacerbate the problem.

It is important to choose the right immunomodulatory drugs after treatment. These medicines in tablets or injections will restore immunity, activate the body’s defenses.

At this stage, you can be treated with traditional medicine: take a mixture of dried fruits and honey, drink ginger tea and herbal decoctions. Herbal mixtures may contain motherwort, which will calm the nervous system and protect the body from stress.

Preventive actions

The main method of prevention is intelligibility in sexual relations. You should not change partners more than once every three years. It is best to find a permanent sexual partner, and before the first sexual intercourse, undergo an examination with him. This is not accepted in our country, but there is no more effective way to prevent many diseases.

Even within the family, it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene: change underwear regularly and not borrow it from the next of kin, have your own towel.

Vaccines have been developed for some strains of HPV, but until they are included in the preventive vaccination schedule, their setting is not covered by the CHI policy. The vaccine is expensive, it prevents the development of the disease with only a few types of virus.

It is necessary to put it according to the scheme developed by the doctor, maintaining the interval. Most often, it is required to inject the drug three times, only after that the body will begin to develop immunity to papillomavirus .

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