Prostate massage for potency: benefits and contraindications

The phrase “prostate massage” usually causes a bout of fear and shame in men. Few people experience this procedure pleasantly.

However, it is useful, used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. In particular, prostate massage for the husband is very effective to increase potency. If you do not like pharmacy medicines, and there is no time for folk medicines, we advise you to get acquainted with this type of treatment.  

The relationship between urological stimulation and male libido

Doctors claim that prostate massage and potency are directly related. Indeed, during the conduction in the pelvic organs, blood circulation increases, and the regeneration of damaged tissues occurs. Stagnant phenomena disappear, the body recovers. This is not only a way to prevent prostatitis. Improves prostate massage and potency.  

Important! The procedure can be carried out only after consulting a urologist. If contraindicated, it can be harmful.

How stimulation affects erection

With an improper lifestyle (bad habits, low mobility, stress, etc.), blood circulation in the pelvic region decreases, which leads to stagnation. This threatens the occurrence of hemorrhoids, inflammation of the gland, and adenoma. Of course, the level of libido decreases, dysfunctional problems occur more and more often. The man no longer feels confident.

Let’s try to answer the question: how does prostate massage affect potency?

Properly performed stimulation removes all unnecessary things, supplies the organs with blood and oxygen to their fullest, and improves the functioning of the genitourinary system. Body health below the waist will allow you to forget about sexual failures, problems with erection and regain your former strength.

Types of effects on the male g-spot

First of all, the impact is divided into internal and external. Internal is considered more effective, because it allows you to act directly on the organ. External may not fully bring the expected effect, but it does not cause men to feel shyness and discomfort. Given that the patient’s emotional state is extremely important during treatment, in some cases this type is considered even more preferable.

Internal are divided into hardware and manual. Both types have their fans. The control room is convenient in that a man can conduct it on his own, without much effort. Manual, in fact, you can also do it yourself, but it is not very convenient. It is carried out either by a specialist (very few people go for it), or by a close person (wife, regular sexual partner).

Types and methods:

  • Erotic – usually performed using aromatic oils that tune in an intimate mood and relax. Its essence is in slow rubbing of the body with a gradual increase in pressure. It is worth concentrating especially on erogenous points; 
  • Tantric – Mutual massage focused on the genitals. Its big plus is that the man is completely relaxed and distracted, thanks to which the massage is painless and imperceptible;
  • Point – certain points on the body are massaged. It is believed that this type of treatment not only helps to reduce inflammation, but also increases libido levels.


With this procedure (not very effective in the opinion of some), the effect on the gland is through massaging the lower abdomen.

Usually it is prescribed when direct massage cannot be performed due to the presence of contraindications. The point is to massage the lower abdomen, centimeter by centimeter, paying special attention to the area just above the pubis. The movements should be light at first and warming, gradually gaining intensity. The back is massaged from the sacrum to the coccyx.


The transrectal procedure is considered to be the most effective. It can be carried out both with a specialist and at home (using a finger or hardware method).

In this case, the effect is directly on the gland, so you can assess its condition by touch and, depending on this, adjust the course of treatment.

Such stimulation is extremely useful for increasing potency, because in the process the accumulated secret is released from the gland, internal processes are stimulated, and the work of capillaries improves.


It is no secret that there are a large number of points on the human body, the impact on which has a charitable effect on health. There are points that are responsible for masculine strength. This procedure is not usually done on its own.

How to massage correctly:

  • With your thumb and forefinger, grasp the wrist on the man’s left hand, and move one and a half cm to the elbow. Massage of points in this area activates the genitals;
  • Place your palms on your partner’s belt so that they are on your back and your fingers on your stomach. Find the point that is near the vertebra, between the tailbone and the lower back. It improves erection.

Important! Do not perform in the presence of diseases of the spine!

  • points on the feet (in the center of the heel and on the sides) increase potency.

You need to massage each point for about a minute with light movements that do not cause pain and discomfort. It is recommended to spend it every day.

Urological stimulation at home

In fact, almost all types of prostate massage can be done at home (with the exception of those that require special medical equipment). The stronger sex usually prefers this option. The procedure performed at home is not inferior in efficiency. The most important thing is to carry it out correctly so as not to aggravate the situation and achieve improvement.  

To do this, you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. You need to start a course only after consulting a urologist;
  2. Therapy is not carried out if there are contraindications;
  3. Cleanliness and sterility must be observed: before the procedure, you need to take a bath or shower, wash the massage devices and treat them with an antiseptic;
  4. It is impossible to massage “dry” – for this, gels and lubricants are sold. You can put a condom on the massager;
  5. Suitable posture. For self-massage on the bed – on the side, with legs drawn to the chest. For massage in the bathroom, legs need to be raised on the sides. To use the massager by a partner – not on the back with bent legs;
  6. The device or finger is not inserted deeper than 5 cm into the intestine;
  7. Before the session, you need to have a bowel movement, it is better to do an enema. After it, you need to empty the bladder in order to remove all pathogenic microflora;
  8. Stop immediately if pain occurs!

How long should the session last

Invasive – 5-7 minutes a day, non-invasive – up to 15.

Which massager is better to buy

If you decide to deal with potency problems at home, then you should buy a special massager for these purposes. It can be found at a pharmacy or ordered from an online store.

Invasive devices

Internal devices are divided into straight and curved. Straight lines are easier to enter, but curved lines are considered more effective. True, the body will take several days to get used to it.

If you plan to practice on your own, it is better to buy a device with a handle – this will greatly facilitate the process. All pharmacy massagers meet the requirements and take into account the characteristics of the male body.

Important! Doctors advise to stop using vibration and electric massager at home. 


The range of massage devices for external use is small, so you won’t have to choose especially. Pharmacy apparatuses have the shape of a cone, on which, having laid it flat, you will have to sit down.

Benefit and harm

Prostate stimulation to treat impotence has proven to be an effective and relatively simple method. Due to the mechanical effect on the prostate gland, metabolism is accelerated, pathogenic microflora is removed, tissues and cells are saturated with blood and oxygen, which inevitably leads to an increase in libido. All this happens if the treatment is carried out according to all the rules. However, this procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • Haemorrhoids;
  • Acute forms of prostatitis;
  • Tumor (including adenomas).
  • Impaired urination;
  • Stones in the prostate;
  • Cystitis;
  • Damage to the rectum;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • The presence of severe pain during conduction.

The opinion of urologists and sex therapists

Experts have a positive attitude towards this type of treatment for weakened potency. Massage is a pleasant procedure, the effect causes excitement for some.

Therefore, the effectiveness of the influence of prostate massage on potency is obvious. If done correctly, the result will make itself felt in a few days.

The presence of different techniques allows you to choose what is more suitable for each man. The main problem is that men themselves often “prescribe” stimulation for themselves to increase potency, without consulting a doctor, forgetting about contraindications. There will be only harm from such “treatment”.


We answered the question: does prostate massage increase potency, it remains to take into account small nuances:

  1. If the idea of ​​being on the urologist’s couch does not make you happy, and the problem with potency requires a solution, stock up on the necessary knowledge and adaptations and start treatment at home.
  2. If you have a partner who is ready to help in this matter, then the massage will turn into a pleasant vacation that will bring pleasure to both.

The most important thing is to follow the rules and take into account contraindications. If everything is done correctly, then positive results will appear in a few days.

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