Is jogging good for an inflamed prostate?

Prostatitis is the main “enemy” of men, which takes a lot of energy. If a pathology of the prostate is detected in a man, it is necessary to proceed to complex therapy. It is a mistake to assume that the disease is treated only with medication. Sports activity is not the last place in the treatment of prostatitis. Running with prostatitis is the most useful sport.

Benefits of regular exercise

Together with drugs, physical activity is often prescribed:

  1. Easy run.
  2. Fast walk.
  3. Charging in the morning.
  4. Stair walking.
  5. Swimming pool visit.

All this helps intensive treatment of the prostate.

Is jogging good for an inflamed prostate?

When introducing running into everyday life, a man with inflammation of the gland achieves the following:

  • Thanks to running, the blood is enriched with oxygen, which guarantees an improvement in brain activity.
  • Increases metabolism.
  • The muscular skeleton is strengthened, which prevents stagnation.
  • Microcirculation in the area of the prostate becomes intense and promotes the resorption of inflammation in the gland.

Based on statistical data, experts concluded that men who regularly visit the pool, the gym rarely experience inflammation of the prostate. Thus, physical education is not in last place in the treatment of the disease.

Running and various forms of prostatitis

The effect of jogging on different types of prostatitis:

  • Pathology of bacterial etiology. With this form of the disease, running is included as the main component of treatment. Moderate, daily activity helps to eliminate toxins from the body formed as a result of inflammation and medication. Microcirculation and absorption of nutrients will improve.
  • Prostatitis is not of bacterial origin. This type of disease develops as a result of congestion, so sport will only benefit and move the treatment off the ground. Physical activity will eliminate the appearance of stagnation in the future.
  • Calculous or stagnant form. With a disease of this etiology, stones with purulent exudate appear in the ducts. Any indirect effects, including running, have an adverse effect on the prostate gland. Accordingly, prostatitis and sports in this case are not compatible.

Benefits of running for inflammation of the prostate gland:

  • Intensive microcirculation reduces swelling in the gland.
  • The pain in the perineal region is dulled or completely eliminated.
  • The reproductive system returns to normal, the duration of sexual intercourse increases.
  • The immune system is strengthened, a person is less likely to get sick.
  • Feeling better.

Contraindications for running

Running is prohibited for diseases of internal organs, injuries and injuries. Disorders of the cardiovascular system. Probably, the doctor will recommend reducing the intensity and duration of classes, which will also bring important results. It is strictly prohibited in severe and acute forms of the disease. In addition to running, another type of physical activity can be prescribed.

Physical activity for prostatitis

Sports with diagnosed prostatitis in men is an important aspect of complex treatment. Swimming, walking, running – will only benefit in combination with the necessary medicines.
It should be remembered that you need to start running gradually. Before jogging, you need to warm up, warm up your muscles. Also, do not forget about proper breathing.

In order not to be afraid of physical exertion with prostatitis, first consult with your doctor. Intense and uncontrolled exercise will only harm health.

A visit to the pool and “male disease”

Swimming is also recommended by doctors for existing prostatitis. It is better to practice in indoor pools, with optimal temperature conditions, which will help to avoid hypothermia. That is why swimming in open water is not recommended. Swimming itself should not be exhausting. The main task in visiting the pool is to improve blood circulation.

Other types of loads

It is possible to combine sports with a disease with the correct selection of loads. Men often ask the question: is it possible to pump the press with prostatitis. Only your doctor can answer unambiguously, because each person is individual, and his disease may be at different stages.

However, there is an exercise that is allowed to be performed with prostatitis. This exercise is familiar to everyone since childhood and is called “scissors”.

The person assumes a supine position, with the legs slightly raised above the floor surface. Then he alternately swings his legs up and down, left – right. This achieves a deep massage of the prostate gland. Showing regular walking, swimming, running. In general, lead your lifestyle as actively as possible. But for men with this disease, it is harmful to swing.

Bubnovsky exercises for prostatitis

Professor Bubnovsky believes that the main cause of prostatitis is circulatory deficiency in this area. He developed a set of exercises in which intensive trophism of the gland is achieved.

This complex must be performed every day. Sometimes treatment according to Bubnovsky lasts several years.

Exercises are mainly performed with the legs. Gymnastics includes exercises for stretching and flexibility of the spine: tilts, bridges, bringing the knees to the chest in a standing position, swinging the legs.

The complex includes:

  1. Standing hip lift
  2. Scissors,
  3. Squats of different depths,
  4. Push ups.

Exercises are done in slow motion, 5 to 10 sets per day. Gradually increase the load.
Prohibited sports.

Worsen the course of the disease:

  • Bicycling,
  • equestrian sport,
  • Classes with dumbbells and weights,
  • Seated exercises.

Proper jogging is the key to health

The benefits of jogging can only be obtained on the condition that you do not overstrain the body. You should run for short distances and not for long, you can train on a treadmill. Of course, gradually the duration of the run can be increased.

Doctors recommend jogging for prostatitis. The main rule is not to overdo it, so as not to cause an exacerbation. If a man feels tired, you need to switch to brisk walking, which is no less useful.

It is better to make evening runs, because in the morning the body has not yet fully awakened and physical activity will cause stress.

People who are overweight are advised to follow the recommendations while running. With excess body weight, the load on the joints and spine is more enhanced. Therefore, it is better to switch to a healthy diet and walk more.

The opinion of doctors about the benefits of running in prostate pathology

The main dangerous outcome of prostatitis is prostate cancer and prostate adenoma. To protect yourself from the progression of the disease, doctors recommend scrupulous treatment of therapy. A good addition to medical treatment will be exercise and proper nutrition. Sports should not be understood as strenuous physical activity. Simple and not intense exercises will help get rid of the problem as soon as possible.


Light, moderate running will be beneficial, especially if you jog regularly. Gradually, running becomes for a person not a part of therapy, but a part of life.

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