How to increase potency after 50 years

55 years is maturity, it is a combination of knowledge, skills and capabilities. But, this is the beginning of a decrease in erectile function. Drugs to increase potency after 50 years are prescribed to a man when signs of sexual weakness appear.

And yet, instead of increasing the potency, it is better not to allow it to decrease. How to do it? Of course, you need to see a urologist or andrologist. Doctors in these specialties treat the underlying complaint by eliminating its cause. 

Does potency always deteriorate after 50 years?

Potency after 50 years does not always decrease. It is a misconception that old age comes after the celebration of the fiftieth birthday. If you look at the classification proposed by the World Health Organization, then the interval between 45 and 59 years corresponds to the average age.

Therefore, it is impossible to say unequivocally that potency in men at the age of 50 and somewhat older must necessarily deteriorate.

List of the most common reasons

Negative external and internal influences, taking into account risk factors, provoke sexual dysfunction. Doctors do not exclude the psychological aspect of the problem.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the stable functioning of the reproductive system, the level of which physiologically decreases with age.

If the doctor assumes that the problem of dysfunction is precisely its insufficiency, then before treatment he will prescribe laboratory diagnostics to confirm or exclude the hypothesis.

And if the reason is alcohol?

In this matter, the main condition is moderation. If we are talking about one glass of good dry red wine at dinner, then there will be no negative impact.

But excessive alcoholism is fraught with male feminization with female obesity – an increase in the abdomen, breasts (gynecomastia) in combination with concomitant hormonal imbalance. As a result, potency can be significantly impaired.

It’s scary to fail

After 50 years, psycho-emotional problems return, the appearance of fear of failing scares the man. The vicious circle that is being formed creates an insurmountable barrier through which not everyone can cross.

A psychologist or sex therapist helps by explaining the irrationality of fear. During the consultations, you can ask all the questions of interest, find out how, with the help of the correct psychological attitude, to raise the potency after 50 years.

Unhealthy diet and physical inactivity

Fast food restaurants, convenience foods and a sedentary lifestyle are the scourge of a modern, actively developing society.

Many people refuse to cook at home on their own. If fast food does not appear on the table every day, then there are practically no disturbances in the body. But when abused, “bad” cholesterol accumulates, which is deposited on the walls of blood vessels.

Physical inactivity against the background of improper nutrition inhibits metabolic processes, decay products are not excreted from the body.

In men over 50, both risk factors provoke a whole range of disorders – from stroke to impotence.

Diseases as risk factors for impotence

Doctors specializing in sexual dysfunction report a decrease in libido against the background of somatic diseases. The diseases themselves and the drugs used for therapy have a negative effect.

Therefore, before treatment, the doctor explains to the patient about the need for strict adherence to the dosage, duration and method of admission. Otherwise, the risk of developing impotence increases.

List of diseases dangerous to male strength

In the first place among the provocateurs – the pathology of the prostate gland – prostatitis, benign hyperplasia, tumor degeneration. If a man is diagnosed with a disease – first you need to cure him, and only then start to increase potency.

Other conditions leading to sexual dysfunction include:


  • An increased sugar level is manifested by a deterioration in microcirculation and neuropathic conditions. The course of diabetes mellitus is accompanied by a decline in testosterone production, which directly affects erection.

Weak peripheral innervation

  • It occurs with spinal cord injuries at the level of the lumbar spine, compression of the nerve roots by intervertebral hernias. After surgical removal of the hernia, the symptoms of dysfunction are rapidly reduced.

Sexual infections

  • Sexually transmitted diseases primarily affect the structure of the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, urethra. Recurrent inflammation of the prostate leads to a deficiency of synthesized testosterone.

Thyroid problems

  • Impotence occurs when there is an imbalance in the work of the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland. The first produces TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), in response to which T4 is formed in the thyroid gland, and then T3 in the blood. In hypothyroidism or oncology, T4 becomes low with high TSH, which leads to an increase in the female hormone prolactin. As a result, the man’s body acquires female features – obesity at the level of the abdomen, gynecomastia, emotional lability. Libido in hypothyroidism drops sharply.

Changes related to the external genital organs

  • For example, in Peyronie’s disease, the fibrous component in the protein membrane of the penis progresses. Dense plaques distort the penis, and sexual intercourse is accompanied by severe pain.

50 years is a critical age for a man. Sluggish diseases are aggravated, and untreated infections are making themselves felt. All these reasons are primarily reflected in the petition. Timely therapy minimizes subsequent complications.

Drugs leading to impotence

Treatment of the underlying somatic disease can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of a decrease in potency. Therefore, you need to know medicines that have such an ability so that later you do not think about how to restore the disturbed potency.

Chronic prostatitisIn order to reduce inflammation against the background of an exacerbation, in some cases, hormonal agents are prescribed – glucocorticosteroids (with the ineffectiveness of non-steroidal drugs). With prolonged use of hormonal pills, there is a decrease in the production of sex hormones.
Hypertension (high blood pressure)1. Beta blockers. Propranolol (the main active ingredient) provokes an increased synthesis of female hormones. After cancellation, the erection is easily restored.2. ACE inhibitors. Enalapril and its derivatives impair potency.3. Diuretics (diuretic). Short-term use has no complications, but long-term (more than 5 months of constant use) reduces sexual function. The most pronounced negative effect was noted for the drug Chlorthalidone.
Diseases of the urinary and digestive system1. Narcotic analgesics. Prolonged uncontrolled use causes hypogonadism (lack of testosterone).2. Antiulcer (omeprazole, antacid). Requires careful use. Confirmed complications have not been proven, but an indirect effect through the central nervous system cannot be ruled out.3. Gastroprotectors. Excessive dosage of oregano to normalize digestion can lead to erectile dysfunction.
AllergyOne of the side effects of antihistamines is the antiandrogenic effect.
Psychoemotional disordersMedicines with psychotropic effects (antidepressants, severe sedatives) cause loss of sex drive.Uncontrolled intake provokes anorgasmia (lack of orgasm).

With regard to diabetes mellitus, the danger is not the drugs themselves, but their overdose. A sharp hypoglycemia provokes a block in the conduction of nerve impulses.

Sport as a means of increasing potency

To increase potency at 50, you first need to find out the factor that led to this condition. The tactics of therapy are determined depending on the type of chronic diseases. Not only pills increase potency, but also moderate physical activity.

Regular exercises restore the synthesis of testosterone in the body, increase male capabilities.

Long walks

  • The movement stimulates an increase in the incoming blood and oxygen, activates metabolic processes. Long walks create the necessary load of medium intensity. This is an option for men who rarely go to the gym.
  • Strengthening of the muscular wall of the arteries is noted, the speed of blood movement increases. The pelvic organs receive the blood and nutrients they need to flush out toxins.
  • Hiking has a good effect on the psycho-emotional background, reducing depression and fear, allowing you to abandon antidepressants and sedatives, thereby increasing potency.

Nordic walking

With a good level of physical fitness, Finnish pole walking allows you to adjust your weight. During exercise, almost all muscle groups are involved, and the number of calories burned is 46% more than during normal walking.

This option can be used by men whose potency has decreased against the background of diabetes mellitus.

For pathologies of the cardiovascular system, consult your doctor before starting exercise.

Other sports activities

If desired, walking will be replaced by swimming, yoga, skiing. In any case, the effect will be positive – the muscles are saturated with oxygen, the heart works more actively, the weight is normalized, and the mood improves.

Weight lifting (powerlifting) is not recommended for the untrained. Only professionally trained guys can work with large weights without consequences.

Systematic exercise has a beneficial effect on libido, promotes an increase, stable preservation of potency in men even after 50.

How can you reduce the impact of stress?

The restoration of potency disturbed by stress in men after 50 years includes a complex that consists of normalizing nutrition, daily therapeutic exercises, taking vitamins and microelements.

Vitamin complexes

The pharmaceutical industry combines vitamins suitable for the male body. They compensate for the deficiency of important microelements, normalize the formation of androgens (vitamin D), improve libido (tocopherol), and the quality of semen (folic acid). Internal energy increases, potency increases.

The uniqueness of the complexes is determined by the composition, which will correspond to the daily rate of each element. To take them is required by the course determined by the doctor.

Pharmacies offer a wide list of vitamins to increase potency in men after 50. When buying, you should be guided not by the price, but by the composition.

  • Aevit – A (retinol) and E (tocopherol), restores the reproductive function, gently removes stress;
  • Wellman – strengthening the nervous system, improving blood circulation, a powerful immune modulator;
  • Duovit – for active men: quickly restores strength, returns sexual arousal;
  • Complivit Selenium covers the daily need for selenium, maintains fertility at a high level;
  • Doctors recommend the potential forte for men to get out of stress, with severe fatigue;
  • Spematon – L-carnitine, vitamin E, zinc. Increases fertility;
  • Opti-Men – Selenium, Zinc, Folic Acid.

Vitamins are also drugs that have a number of characteristics and undesirable effects. Therefore, self-administration is dangerous with serious consequences.

The principles of good nutrition

The first and foremost rule is that the amount of calories taken from food should be equal to the amount burned. Only then will the excess weight not grow.

Banned productsAllowed
 fatty meat and fish; meals with a high salt content – how it inhibits the release of excess fluid from the body; sugary drinks – they increase thirst, and the puffiness does not go away.The basis of the diet is made up of dietary, lean, lightly salted dishes: hen; veal; fresh vegetables;cereals; fruit drinks, compotes, herbal decoctions.

Frying in oil is also undesirable; it is better to boil or simmer.

Some products are considered natural, inexpensive potency enhancers. These include:

  • seafood;
  • turnip;
  • lemon, orange;
  • quail eggs;
  • chocolate;
  • avocado;
  • dates;
  • nuts;
  • celery.

Adding them to the diet will restore hormonal balance and increase the production of sex hormones.

A set of exercises

You can increase potency after 50 years at home with the help of exercises. On medical forums, the most effective were selected:

  1. Twist wrap. Exposure to the pelvic area stimulates active blood flow.
  2. Walk in place. The exercise is considered correct if you can touch your chest with your knee. It is difficult to do this at first, but systematic training will solve this problem.
  3. Make a “mill”. This exercise is great for strengthening your back muscles.
  4. Raise the pelvis. To do it correctly, you need to lie on your back, press your shoulders to the floor. We bend our legs at the knees, push the heels as close as possible to the buttocks. From this position we raise the pelvis.

The total duration of the workout will be no more than 15 minutes. Therefore, the entire complex must be performed daily.

What medicines will restore potency?

As a drug correction, drugs (in the form of tablets or ointments) and active additives are used.

PDE-5 inhibitors

Representatives of this group increase the blood supply to the penis, block venous outflow, which lengthens the erection time:


  • The substance shows an effect within 5 hours. According to reviews, it begins to operate in an hour. A strong remedy for potency, but limited by a number of contraindications.


  • Refers to especially effective remedies with minimal side effects. The effect occurs in 15 minutes and lasts up to 36 hours. The maximum daily dose is not more than 20 mg.

Preparations for potency with a similar effect

  • Dynamically;
  • Revazzio;
  • Tornetis;
  • Tadalafil C3;
  • Levitra;
  • Erexesil;
  • Maxigra;
  • Sildenafil vertex;
  • Levitra ODT;
  • Effex.

It is far from safe to be treated uncontrollably with drugs of this group, since they have contraindications.

Dietary supplements

Their use is associated with fewer complications and limitations, in contrast to synthetic drugs. Supplements that increase potency are based on natural medicinal herbs:

Yohimbine forte

  • Herbal dietary supplement consisting of yohimbe bark extract, ginseng, zinc. The main active ingredient – yohimbine, has pronounced tonic properties, increases blood flow to the genitals.


  • A good biological complex successfully solves male problems, is harmless, does not have a withdrawal syndrome. Prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction against the background of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, chronic prostatitis, adenoma.


  • The indicator of the effectiveness of the reception is an increase in the number of sperm, their speed indicators, an increase in potency. Additionally, it helps to increase the overall tone, improve well-being.

To understand which drug is better for potency, those who are over 50 should consult a doctor.

Traditional medicine methods

Traditional medicine recipes also have a positive effect on potency, increasing and strengthening it. Most of them improve protective properties, general well-being:

Honey-nut mixture

  • Grind nuts, mix with honey in equal proportions, use them daily after breakfast.

Magic green tea

  • Pour tea leaves into a teapot, add grated ginger, saffron and 1 carnation flower.


  • It is effective in all variations. You can make a healthy drink at home. To do this, finely chop the ginger, fill it with boiling water, let it brew. Add honey if desired.

Folk recipes are usually safe. But before using folk methods, exclude intolerance to the components.

Doctor’s advice

Urologists, sex therapists believe that in reality the best medicine for increasing potency is regular sex. An active sex life, especially at the age of 50, improves the blood supply to the internal organs, nourishes the heart and brain with oxygen. The hormones of pleasure produced will have a positive effect on the general psycho-emotional background.

Special creams and gels will help to diversify your intimate life and bring novelty. You can buy them in adult stores or online.


You can maintain a high level of potency at 50:

  • Compliance with the basics of proper nutrition,
  • restoration and maintenance of physical activity,
  • taking vitamins,
  • timely treatment of chronic diseases

will allow you to be healthy, enjoy life, communicate with your beloved woman and feel your masculine strength.

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