How to find a husband via the Internet? Many called, but few chosen

As long as you enjoy the rainbow-enchanting period of expectations and accomplishments described in the dictionaries of sexology and andrology as a sexual excess, there is nothing to talk about with you. But with selected men who are important not to disappoint you in this difficult period, just the time. 

So, an appeal to the chosen ones. 

I think that just like every woman believes in her own uniqueness (be it beauty or charm, or individuality , etc.), so each of you is sure that you were born a leader, at least in relation to her, to a woman, right ? Here it is necessary to determine, and what does a male leader mean in a woman’s view? I think that the lion’s share of women will agree with me: oddly enough it may sound, but a man is a leader when a woman is “on top”.   

How so?

Well, for example, you both understand that all sex is in the head. And this means that every time you are together, it should be, as for the first time – by the strength of emotions, impressions and manifestations of feelings. And both of you strive for this.   

In practice, this means that you, as a man, constantly seduce her, and do not get tired of doing this just because, for example, she has long been your wife. And you have a right to it – rightfully. 

No, instead, at least in the late night, even in the early morning, take a shower, brush your teeth, shave, smother, and so on, which in itself is very touching. And you do this not because the wife-vixen does not sleep with you without this! And because you have an internal moral-categorical imperative that you don’t go to bed differently with her – by definition. You do not go on your own, and not because she does not perceive you as another, do you feel the difference? 

Make her laugh, dispose of her, do not rush and do not force. Thus, you declare and confirm in practice that her interests in bed and in life are first, and then yours. 

“On what basis?” You ask. On the simple basis that you are a man: you must take care, protect; she should be comfortable, cozy, reliable and good with you.  

Thus, when a man is a leader, a woman is automatically “on top”, because as an experienced person, he provides that her interests should be respected in the first place. 

He himself will make sure that sex with him is enchanting for her. Thus, by the way, he creates favorable conditions for himself next time. That is, precisely because of his experience, he goes to bed not to take, but to give, to make her feel good. And it is never difficult for him, but always in joy.

But on this fertile ground flowers of love grow – in response, when she wants to give herself to him. And this immutable rule is observed both in bed, as part of life, and in life as a whole. 

To be more convincing, I will give other examples, perhaps more clear to you.

For example, both of you are driving two cars somewhere. If you do not consider a situation where for some reason it shows you the road, and take the general case when it follows you, then you will probably behave like a guide and the main one, and it is yours.

You drive and show the turns, the parking place, allocate the best place for it, and yourself on the residual principle, wait for it in the emergency gang if it is behind, that is, you do not throw it halfway, but you are responsible for it, right?   

Who do you think is the leader in this case? Who is the leader and who is the slave?

So in life, as on the road.

Agree that in the above cases the woman is “on top”, because the man is a leader, and this allows her. 

I assure you that any normal (and there are many!) Women are gratefully ready to accept all your efforts and appreciate them. Only a vixen would not have understood and noticed these efforts from the very beginning . Or maybe she would have passed by, thinking that everything should be so, therefore, there is no need to be grateful. But with that you would hardly get to bed, would you?     

Summarizing all that has been said about the psychology of relations, we must admit that a woman is “on top” precisely because a man is a leader. Accordingly, it also insures, protects, cares, and allows it to be “on top”. He does everything based on her interests, observes them. Her interests are equal in fact, that is, in perfect acts, in his interests, which inevitably leads to her realizing that he is the leader .     

He is the key to her fulfilled life, well-being. All her achievements are the result of the reflected light of his love for her and his concern for her.  

Therefore, the chosen ones, remembering that you are born leaders, act accordingly! 

And women will get used to it. After all, they quickly get used to the good. And in turn, they will finally behave like women!

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