How to educate men?

Anticipating a flurry of indignation from the stronger sex, I will make a reservation. In order to change the angry light in men’s eyes for mercy, I definitely declare that you also have to educate women. During communication (especially long), we adopt phrases, habits, sometimes even each other’s lifestyles just when we ourselves like it. But what if it is not education? And then, this term belongs to a man.

My close friend was abandoned by a loved one. This hurt me not only because of female solidarity, but also because the ill-fated book (“thanks” to which my friend was left alone) I brought to her house. I don’t remember the book about sex, the translation from English, whose recommendations it’s, because my friend threw the book away in a rush. “I’ll get it back with money!” She sobbed into the phone. “What money, Ol! I could not even think that you would consider applying the advice in practice. So, for the general outlook I gave, in the sense of look, what in the world just does not happen. ” But, it seems, Olya can no longer hear me.  

After several sessions of sobbing into the phone, I decided to ask the therapist about the situation. And he said that if he had seen the efforts of his beloved woman to become more attractive to him, he certainly would not have left her. (Still, we have men approaching world standards). He also confidently stated that there might not be a connection with the recommendations of the book: only the one who left is the true reason.  

And Olga, since He had left, it is better not to show interest – this is surprising. And then men tend to return. I talked a lot about coincidences and about creating a good mood … And then I noticed that her beloved and without special “pa” mood is always beautiful. Only from this it is not easier. No, to help, say: “You are tired, let’s cook dinner or go to the store.” Though persuade, at least arrange a scandal! 

– What can be scandals! – the doctor quietly retorted. – Men should be educated in the same way as raising a child or animal, – exclusively by encouragement. If your lover does not want to do anything for you, tell him that you like his caring in him. If he is excessively thrifty, tell him that you like his generosity, at the first opportunity.        

If you create such a background of constant encouragement, then the absence of a kind word will become a real punishment for a man, and your silence can become hard labor. Honestly, I did not believe: psychotherapists sometimes advise this! But Olga conveyed the essence of the conversation. Our doctor was right. Beloved girlfriend soon returned. And she decided that since the doctor turned out to be a “visionary”, maybe everything else would work.

Conducted an experiment: the method was effective. For only three weeks Olga created a favorable background: she told her beloved how he was caring, how reliable and safe she was with him. In the fourth week, asking to replace the door lock and not meeting enthusiasm, she sadly dropped her eyes. What started here! In addition to the castle, the kitchen faucet was replaced, the rubble on the shelves was dismantled. Olga claims that he had to calm the homecoming of his beloved. “That I did not expect. Even ashamed somehow. He lacks affection, heat, I’m stale, only interested in castles. ”

“Interesting results. But the method might not work, ” I thought. True, the doctor said that if “upbringing” does not help, then nothing will work. Moreover, according to him, this method increases the potency in men by two to three times. (By the way, according to the latest data, about 75 percent of men suffer from full or partial impotence). And one more phrase was remembered: “A man loves that woman with whom he feels more confident in sex.” Want to argue with that? 

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