Horrible female habits in the bedroom

Women have habits that annoy men very much. And they are not always told about them, so the ladies continue to repeat these actions again and again. It’s time to tell you what you should not do in bed. And the less such actions will be, the higher the chances of building a happy relationship.

Habit 1. Modesty

Playing innocence is appropriate in rare cases. Valid for the first sex. But if a couple has known each other for a long time, then modesty looks like passivity and rarely excites a man. Lack of initiative, interest in experiments and in general movements – this is what men do not like. And it is better to forget about shyness, showing your own character and desire.

Habit 2. Predictability

There are women who agree only to certain actions. Sex with them is always the same. For example, a constant missionary position and only on holidays doggy style. They do not accept anything new, they are ready only for a limited set of caresses. With such people, everything is predictable and very boring. They are not capable of spontaneity, never agree to experiments. And this does not cause interest in the opposite sex.

Habit 3. Rituals

This habit is very similar to the previous one. A woman makes love under certain conditions. For example, drawn curtains or off lights. She does not accept changing circumstances, and it is depressing. Often even the music is put the same, or it completely turns off. Ritualism can be in clothes, in the use of objects. For example, one sex toy in every sex, and not without it.

Habit 4. Distracted

During sex, it is better to turn off phones and other gadgets. It is inappropriate in the process to suddenly get carried away with what is happening in the film or answer the call. Do not break away from the process to stroke the cat or turn off the washing machine. This behavior indicates that she is not interested in making love. And the matter may be in the partner, but he may perceive it as a negative at his own expense, or maybe in the process itself.

Habit 5. Conversations

There are ladies who do not remain silent even during sex. They are ready to comment on each movement, causing only irritation. They don’t seem to shut up at all, making a lot of noise. This is inappropriate for a man. But here it is important not to be silent constantly, the absence of any sounds and words at all is another extreme, which also cannot be called useful.

Habit 6. Break

Do not settle for sex at the beginning, resistance, and then consent. As a result, sex happens, but you always need to persuade him. Such efforts seem nice in some circumstances, but with long communication they only tire. And repeat such a performance again and again is not worth it, it does not increase the popularity of women. Such actions humiliate a man, drawing him into a completely inappropriate game.

Habit 7. Imitation of orgasm

To show pleasure when it is not is the most bad habit. Especially unpleasant when a man realizes this. Such behavior is inappropriate in long-term unions, as it deprives a man of the opportunity to actually give pleasure. It is doubly worse if he learns about the simulation after several months or years of living together, it will be a huge blow to self-esteem.

Bad female habits in bed are common. Surprisingly, women do not understand that they do not bring it closer, but repel a partner. And the best solution is to reconsider your behavior and start behaving honestly and naturally.

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