Features of HPV treatment in women

Papillomavirus infection is dangerous because it directly affects the DNA of cells, leading to their uncontrolled division. Treatment of HPV in women with drugs is mandatory, since the disease can lead to pathologies of the reproductive system, some strains lead to cervical cancer. The course of therapy is quite complicated, it must be preceded by the removal of the neoplasm, which will reduce the viral load. Therapy will not help to completely get rid of the disease, it will strengthen the immune system and put HPV into remission for a long time.

When is treatment needed?

Important! Decreased immunity is the main reason for the transition of HPV to the acute stage. Therefore, all people need to monitor his condition, take timely measures to strengthen the body’s defenses, and follow a balanced diet.

In women, for the treatment of human papillomavirus infection, drugs are used with the permission of a doctor. Indications for drug treatment depend on the form of the disease.

  1. oncogenic type virus does not require therapy. A patient with it needs to be examined every year to monitor the course of the disease. Blood tests, smears, and other diagnostic procedures help determine the type of disease.
  2. If a virus is detected that can lead to oncology, but in remission, control over the course of the disease is strengthened – the patient is invited for examination every 3 months.
  3. In case of a malignant course of HPV, an urgent consultation with an oncologist is necessary. In this case, he will coordinate the treatment.

If a woman is infected with a strain of the virus that can lead to cervical cancer, then at the time of pregnancy planning, she needs to undergo therapy. This is due to the fact that HPV is able to infect the unborn child with the bloodstream, and during the gestation period it goes into an acute stage. It is impossible to transfer the virus into remission in a short time, so you need to consult a doctor to identify the virus in advance.

What are the principles of therapy?

Without removal of papillomas, it is impossible to prevent the spread of the virus throughout the body, so the first stage of treatment is always surgery.

The main principle of the treatment of papillomavirus is an integrated approach. A woman needs:

  • change your lifestyle (give up bad habits, establish a balanced diet);
  • remove growth;
  • take medications prescribed by your doctor.

The main goal of therapy is to transform the disease into a chronic form. This will minimize the possibility of complications. The average duration of the course of treatment is 10-20 days, after which a comfortable examination is carried out. This period may be changed depending on the condition of the patient, the stage of the disease and the resistance of the virus to the components of the selected drugs. It increases if HPV is complicated by other sexually transmitted infections, since you first need to get rid of a concomitant sexually transmitted disease.

Important! All drugs used to treat HPV have low efficacy. It is impossible to completely cure the disease with them, the virus will only go into the stage of stable remission, its concentration in the blood will decrease to a minimum value. Women with weakened immune systems often experience relapses, they need to undergo several courses of treatment before the disease goes into remission.

Methods for surgical removal of papillomas

Before treating HPV in women with drugs, it is necessary to get rid of the source of the virus. Doctors do not recommend the use of chemical compounds for this, since it is first necessary to check the neoplasm for malignancy. In hospitals, rashes are removed:

  • • laser;
  • • traditional operation;
  • • radio waves;
  • • electric knife;
  • • liquid nitrogen.

The choice of method depends on the capabilities of the clinic and the location of papillomas. Sometimes the method of intervention depends on the woman’s ability to pay, she may be offered several options, from which you need to choose the one that suits your budget. The most painless is the removal using a radio wave installation.

According to the MHI policy, neoplasms are removed only in the traditional way, but this method is not suitable for open areas of the skin, since a scar will remain after the operation. It is recommended to choose a classic resection only if there is a suspicion of malignancy of the neoplasm.

It is worth being prepared for the fact that an impressive amount will be spent on HPV therapy. Medicines for the virus are not cheap, they are not included in the list of preferential treatment.

Local removal of papillomas without surgery

If the neoplasm is not located on the mucous membranes, the doctor may recommend the use of a local remedy to get rid of the main symptom and source of infection. Before prescribing the drug, it is necessary to make sure that the viral neoplasm is not malignant. The most popular means:

  • ” Super Cleaner “;
  • Oxolinic ointment;
  • ” Condilin “;
  • ” Verucacid “;
  • ” Dermovit “;
  • ” CryoPharm “;
  • ” Ferezol “;
  • ” Solkagin “;
  • Lapis pencil.

Most often, women use ” Condilin “. It is suitable for getting rid of genital warts located in the genital area, but not on the mucous membranes. It is necessary to apply this ointment with the help of disposable applicators, since it causes chemical burns to healthy skin. It is necessary to distribute the composition over the entire surface of the condyloma. The neoplasm disappears after 5-7 procedures. After the disappearance of warts, you need to apply a cream that accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. According to the doctor’s prescription, drugs are used:

  • gel ” Epigen “;
  • ” Aldara “;
  • ” Panavir “;
  • “Viferon”.

Ferezol is more effective , it is enough to apply it 1-3 times. It is based on an alkaline substance that can cause burns. If it is decided to use this tool in hard-to-reach places or near the genitals, then the procedure is performed by a doctor.
Small papillomas that do not bleed can be removed with salicylic acid. This is an affordable and inexpensive tool that is applied locally to the neoplasm. After the procedure, it is necessary to apply a bandage for the drug to work. The duration of treatment with this remedy is 2-4 weeks.

What immunostimulants are used for HPV?

After the source of infection is removed, you can start drinking HPV pills. For women, immunomodulators play a leading role among drugs. Their goal is to strengthen the body’s defenses, stimulate the production of antibodies. They are used to enhance the action of antiviral agents, which is an important task of complex therapy.

  • ” Allokin- alpha” – scientists consider this drug the most effective immunostimulant. After therapy with them, HPV was no longer detected in 90% of women with a modified cervix. The treatment is carried out with the help of subcutaneous injections, in total there are 6 of them, 1 mg of the active substance in each. To gradually build up the body’s defenses, doctors recommend injecting every other day.
  • ” Genferon ” in the form of vaginal or rectal suppositories can be used in women after the second trimester of pregnancy. It helps to strengthen the immune system in oncogenic HPV, which will make it possible to more effectively treat the virus. It is recommended to apply it 2 times a day.
  • ” Galavit ” is produced in several forms, women are prescribed tablets or suppositories. Its effectiveness depends on the chosen complex treatment. The tablets are placed under the tongue and kept until completely dissolved. They quickly enter the bloodstream.
  • ” Isoprinosine ” – an activator of the body’s defenses, it is from modern drugs. Its active substance penetrates through cell membranes, stimulating the production of T-lymphocytes. They allow you to develop specific antigens, block the reproduction of the virus and its spread throughout the body. Used for any type of virus. The duration of the course depends on the symptoms and characteristics of the course of the disease, most often the treatment takes 2-4 weeks.
  • The drug ” Gepon ” contains the remains of 14 amino acids. This synthetic preparation allows you to protect yourself from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Used for local and systemic therapy. When choosing a tablet form, a treatment regimen is used – 3 times a week. Its dosage is calculated individually, based on the results of the immunogram .
  • Injections of the drug ” Immunomax ” are done subcutaneously or intravenously. It is important to carefully calculate the dosage regimen. Usually you need to make 6 injections, the first 4 are carried out daily, and the last after a period of several days. This tool allows you to activate the action of macrophages.
  • ” Neovir ” is prescribed to patients who have HPV found along with other chronic pathologies – hepatitis, HIV, oncology. This is an injectable, the course of therapy lasts 8-14 days.
  • When affected by papillomas of the cervix, ” Likopid ” is prescribed. This remedy is acceptable for children, but only with serious indications. During treatment, it is necessary to take antiviral drugs, this medication enhances their effect.

With a vivid clinical picture of the disease, the use of immunostimulants is mandatory. Treatment allows you to bring the disease to regression, after the completion of the course, the immune system is able to suppress the virus. Control examinations should be carried out even if the virus was not found after the completion of the medication.

An additional way to increase immunity is to take vitamin complexes, but this method of treatment is not enough. All women need to take a multivitamin several times a year. It is equally important for them to monitor nutrition – the proportion of vegetables and fruits in it should be large from 500 grams per day. Strict diets are prohibited, a complete rejection of food groups (meat, milk).

The role of antibiotics in HPV

With papillomavirus antibiotics are powerless. They need to be drunk if the disease proceeds along with sexually transmitted infections. They stop the inflammatory process. According to its composition, cephalosporins are more suitable for the treatment of female infections, less often doctors choose a broad-spectrum drug from another group. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of medicines with names:

  • “Ampicillin”;
  • ” Kanamycin “;
  • “Penicillin”;
  • ” Rifamycin “.

For sexual infections that occur together with the human papillomavirus, tablets are used, suspensions and injection solutions are not prescribed, since it is easier to get rid of venereal diseases with complex therapy. Local antibiotics are not welcome if condylomas are located on the mucous membranes of the vagina.

It is necessary to be treated with antibacterial agents simultaneously with therapy with drugs to restore the balance of beneficial intestinal bacteria: Linex , Bifidumbacterin , Laktofiltrum . A healthy intestinal microflora has a positive effect on the body’s defenses, it contributes to the complete absorption of nutrients and vitamins.

Use of antivirals

An important stage in the transfer of papillomavirus to the stage of stable remission is the use of antiviral drugs with a wide range of effectiveness. The choice of a specific remedy depends on the individual characteristics of the female body and the form of pathology. It can be tablets from the human papillomavirus in women, as well as other medicinal types of drugs.

  • If the treatment is carried out for the purpose of prevention before pregnancy, Viferon rectal suppositories are prescribed. Treatment for 14 days can prevent the development of oncovirus . The peculiarity of this remedy is that it is not available in the form of tablets, as it becomes powerless in this case. Interferon is cleaved by gastric juice.
  • ” Groprinosin ” performs a dual function – it destroys the structure of pathological cells and improves immunity. Not suitable for the treatment of HPV, manifested by genital warts in the groin.
  • If condylomas have formed on the mucous membrane of the genital organs, then vaginal suppositories ” Panavir ” are prescribed. It has a triple action – the fight against viruses, the reduction of the inflammatory process, the stimulation of immunity. The positive property of this medication is that it is not addictive, it is equally effective when taken for the first time or repeated.
  • Medicines based on acyclovir (” Zovirax “, ” Acigerpin “) are sparing methods of therapy. They are assigned to expectant mothers or women during lactation. Ointments based on this active substance do not cause burns.
  • ” Ferrovir ” is a drug of combined action. Used for intramuscular injections. A side effect of it is observed only at the injection site – soreness, compaction. Temperature rise is possible. Use it for 10 days up to 2 times a day. It is forbidden to prescribe this remedy to children, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.
  • “Cycloferon” is available in tablets. Their shell is lost in the intestines and absorbed along with nutrients. It is important to follow the regimen: 4 tablets every 3 days for 23 days. Then the intake schedule changes – the frequency of intake decreases, an interval of 5 days is maintained. The total period of taking this remedy is 3.5 months. You can not use this medicine for cirrhosis of the liver, in children under 4 years of age, in women during breastfeeding.
  • ” Roferon A” is administered subcutaneously. It is used to treat a virus that is close to becoming cancerous. At the beginning of therapy, it prevents the growth of pathogenic cells, and then becomes the cause of their death. It is important to complete the course of treatment.
  • ” Altevir ” is a natural interferon that has an antiviral effect. He fights viruses in several ways at once. For treatment, you need to do 1 injection every week.

If HPV is not complicated by other ailments, then the doctor may not prescribe other means than those listed above. Most of these drugs are combined – they simultaneously relieve a person of the virus and strengthen the immune system. The complex scheme is used for strong growths. If they are placed on the skin, then the therapy is prescribed by a dermatologist. When placing genital warts on the mucous membranes, treatment is carried out under the supervision of a gynecologist.

Why use cytostatics ?

If the disease progresses for a long time and has passed into a precancerous state, then cytostatics are connected to therapy . They inhibit the growth of pathogenic cells, disrupt the process of their division. These measures allow you to delay the development of oncological processes. At a high risk of their occurrence, apply:

  1. Solutions for external treatment of neoplasms – ” Podophyllotoxin ” or ” Podophyllin “. They are made from resins of plant origin. They can only be used on the skin, with condylomas on the inside of the genital organs, treatment with these solutions is prohibited. The duration of the course is a month, the frequency of treatments is not more than 2 times a week.
  2. Ointment “5-fluorouracil”. She treats the anogenital areas affected by papillomas . The cream is applied only at night, the course lasts no more than a week. At the discretion of the physician, it may be repeated.
  3. Solution for injection ” Bleomycin ” – allows you to defeat pathological cells from the inside. Infusions are given intravenously or intramuscularly.

When using cytostatics , you can get rid of the disease in a neglected form with a probability of 85-90%. It is worth remembering that the papillovirus is dangerous for its complications, the complex administration of drugs, including cytostatics , helps to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence to a minimum.

These drugs are prohibited for use during lactation and pregnancy, so they should be treated before conception. They often cause side effects: hives, ulcers, swelling, dysfunction of the digestive system and liver, weeping dermatitis.

Is it possible to use folk remedies?

The issue of using traditional medicine methods for many remains controversial. Doctors say that such methods are powerless, but many patients are embarrassed by positive feedback on them. Alternative recipes cannot be used for oncogenic papillomas, as it is possible to provoke an increase in the number of cancer cells. As an additional method of therapy, they can be used, but only for skin neoplasms and to strengthen the immune system.

Taking folk remedies does not cancel drug therapy.

  1. For the first collection, you will need to take in equal proportions: lemon balm, plantain leaf, horsetail, nettle and rose hips. For a liter of water, you will need to take 3 tablespoons of the mixture. Boil the workpiece for 10 minutes and leave for 3-4 hours to infuse. Half a glass of strained broth should be taken 30 minutes before meals twice a day. Treatment is carried out within 1-2 months.
  2. To prepare the infusion, you will need to take equal amounts of hop cones, coriander fruits, swamp cudweed, lime blossom, oregano lemon balm, motherwort and valerian root. Place 25 grams of the mixture in a thermos and fill the raw material with a liter of boiling water. You need to insist the drink for at least 4 hours. You need to take the medicine at regular intervals – every 8 hours. Pregnant women should not use this recipe.
  3. Castor oil is recommended to treat areas with rashes.
  4. Another simple remedy for treating neoplasms is fresh egg white.

There will be no harm to the body from the use of these funds, so they can be supplemented with the main course of therapy. If you do not want to prepare the fees yourself, you can purchase ready-made herbal remedies at the pharmacy : tincture of echinacea or lemongrass. In the morning you can drink water with honey on an empty stomach. Such a drink favorably affects the immune system, helps to gain vitality.

The use of radical methods to get rid of warts – applications of garlic or celandine can provoke the growth of tumor cells. Any way to remove the growth yourself is risky.

It is strictly forbidden to use drugs that have a negative effect directly on the source of the virus without the permission of a doctor and preliminary diagnosis.

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