Does protein affect potency

In the modern world, a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular – instead of beer and cigarettes , sports activities and healthy, proper nutrition are becoming the most important. 

Many people visit fitness centers, adhere to sports nutrition. There are conflicting opinions about whether protein affects potency.

What is protein?

This is the international name for protein – a complex chemical compound that makes up all our organs and systems.

In order to build muscle mass, very often men who are involved in bodybuilding or athletics use protein in the form of supplements – so you can maintain shape and develop physical strength.

Sport and potency

There is a fairly common myth that this powder reduces potency. Studies carried out in recent years prove that the substances that make up this drug do not harm an erection. Steroids have a negative effect on potency.

The harm of protein for potency is possible only if it is a cheap soy protein, which contains phytoestrogens, which are analogous to female sex hormones – they have a negative effect on erection.

And even in this case, it is necessary to take a very large dose of such a low-quality supplement in order to reduce potency. Quality protein is not only safe, but healthy.

When is protein contraindicated?

  1. With individual protein intolerance.
  2. In case of kidney disease.
  3. In order not to develop unwanted complications, in case of dysbiosis, it is necessary to take additional enzymes that help to digest protein.

In fact, protein and potency are completely unrelated. When taken in dosage, this powder is only beneficial. Whey protein is the best choice.

Potency and bodybuilding

In fact, many men want to know how protein affects potency?

Even a low-quality food supplement can only slightly reduce sexual desire, but in order to achieve success in sports, you should not use low-quality drugs.

Why athletes have problems with potency 

  • If we talk about bodybuilders, then they may have difficulty with an erection due to excessive training, their intensity. The thing is that regular overwork and excessive stress, as well as insufficiently complete recovery after work in the gym, are very often the reason for a decrease in male capabilities. Representatives of the stronger sex need healthy sleep, as well as good nutrition – rest is just as important as exercise.
  • The placebo effect also plays an important role. If a man taking protein is confident that this drug will have a positive effect on the body, then it will in fact. If you convince yourself that the effect of protein on potency is negative, then this will happen as a result. Moreover, the onset of an undesirable effect will not be absolutely related to the effect of the additive. Here self-hypnosis plays the main role – the psychological state has a direct impact on the male erection.
  • The reason for the violation of potency can be a cheap, low-quality protein produced using soy protein. A counterfeit medicine can always harm the body. A similar analogue is much cheaper than a quality product. Therefore, in order to purchase protein, it is necessary to contact only reputable points of sale and choose well-known manufacturers.

Doctors’ attitude to protein

If you ask doctors if protein is harmful for potency, they will answer negatively. In fact, most doctors have a positive view of protein intake – they believe that this supplement is of an auxiliary nature, because the body should receive the bulk of proteins from natural products: cottage cheese and eggs, as well as fish.

In any case, before you start taking protein, you need to consult a doctor – he will calculate the proportion based on the parameters of the man’s body. It is necessary to take this drug in accordance with training, according to a special scheme. The optimal level of use is one gram per kilogram of weight.

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