Are alcohol and sex compatible?

Alcohol and sex. It seems – which is even easier: these are two incompatible things. Ask any doctor, and he will tell you that alcohol reduces potency. In general, the topic of alcohol and sex is rather complicated. There are no specific recommendations and advice. However, the doctor will say that alcohol is harmful, and will be right. But, as Paracelsus said, everything is poison and everything is medicine. Question in measure. 

During conversations with patients, many sex therapists sometimes recommend the use of alcoholic beverages to relieve psychological stress in sex. And such problems in bulk. Imagine the first sexual intimacy – people are clamped, tense. A woman is afraid of pain, a man is afraid of possible failure. And this fear only provokes pain and failure. Then it can develop into a complex and cause trouble and disappointment for the rest of your life.  

True, there is another danger. A man and a woman can establish themselves in a deeply erroneous opinion that they get sex only when intoxicated. And these are also inevitable, subsequently, problems and diseases. 

There is a myth that alcohol makes a woman sexier. In fact, it is becoming more relaxed and accessible. Her modesty disappears, her libido intensifies – her desire for sexual satisfaction. Since the “brakes are released,” she becomes more active in sex. But getting sexual satisfaction for her every time becomes more difficult. A longer contact is required than before. Therefore, she is looking for more sophisticated caresses, requires more attention from her partner. To enter into an intimate relationship, she again and again needs alcohol to spur herself on. In short, the mechanism of sexual activity is completely broken in a woman abusing alcohol. This has nothing to do with sexuality. 

The same applies to men. Accustomed to a dose before sexual intercourse, he no longer thinks of himself “luck in bed” without alcohol. 

Everything, of course, depends on the measure. How much should you drink to relieve stress, but not to get intoxicated? Should I use alcohol before sexual intercourse? People must answer these questions themselves. Or consult with a sexologist or psychotherapist. 

If you decide to still use alcohol, then you need to clearly understand what to drink and how to drink. 

At the first meeting, champagne is best. This is the wine of a holiday, a solemn event. Champagne already tunes people to the importance of the event, emotionally raises above the ordinary.

Also good good expensive wine. In addition to the fact that there is little alcohol in wine (not fortified), and therefore the state of intoxication will not come soon, this drink has a lot of useful extractive substances, which will have a positive effect during the act. In addition, wine is a ritual drink. It itself already requires flowers, candles on the table, beautiful glasses, music, twilight. The solemn ritual preceding the sexual game and full, enjoyable sex. 

However, there are times when wine before sex is contraindicated. If, for example, one of the partners is ill with diabetes, the person is not all right with the cardiovascular system or there are other reasons. Extractive substances contained in wine can cause a rush of blood, shortness of breath, weakness, and other unpleasant and dangerous reactions of the body. What kind of sex is there …

In principle, wine can be replaced with vermouth. But this drink is dangerous because it can be drunk like a little water until it “covers”, and can be covered at the most inopportune moment. 

Many people prefer vodka. But this serious and clean drink should be treated with even greater caution. It must be remembered that vodka, which is a practically pure solution of alcohol in water, has a very short period between the euphoric, elevated state of a person and alcohol intoxication. It is very difficult for women who are not used to this drink to catch this period. And in a state of intoxication, there is no need to talk about good sex.

In general, vodka is a hard drink, and therefore implies a tough, less romantic relationship. Usually vodka for sex is preferred by people who have long known each other. They trust their partner, they don’t really need romance, both are busy with their own business … Or, as they say, “outdoors” – on a camping trip, where initially there is no way to set the table with a white tablecloth, and it rains outside the tent wall.  

Here beer is a completely different culture of drinking. Beer is reasonably even healthy. In addition, it is a young, cheerful, collective drink. Almost all students drink beer, especially in summer, on the grass. Young people enjoy this drink at discotheques, evenings. The very low alcohol content, vitamins, amino acids contained in beer, the “length” of this drink, uniting people, makes it possible to remove the psychological problems of communication, to stay awake, physically and psychologically ready for sex. A good and fun evening with friends also contributes to this .  

However, here we must not forget about the measure. Heaviness in the stomach from a large amount of drunk, dullness, swelling, fatigue clearly do not contribute to good sex. Do not forget that a lot of beer is a lot of liquid. And a full bladder does not cause romantic feelings, as well as desires . After all, all thoughts work only in the direction of the toilet …  

After the act, it is best to drink a glass of good brandy. This drink is rich in substances that favorably affect the cardiovascular system, relieve fatigue. The aroma of cognac, its color, taste, and consistency are good tonic factors – not only biological, but also psychological. So start the prelude to sex with wine, and put a point after the act of cognac. 

And in conclusion, add: alcohol for sex should not be the rule. If sex becomes impossible without alcoholic beverages, then a person – a man or a woman – urgently needs to see a doctor. Because it speaks of serious psychological problems that only a specialist can figure out. Alcoholic beverages should help bring joy, release from tightness, tension, preceding the act. Alcohol can not replace love, a good location for a partner.  

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