7 sensual sex positions for those who love to cuddle

Did you know that a hug is called a lifeline? No matter how heavy it is in your heart, as soon as you feel someone’s loving arms hugging you, it immediately becomes more fun! Of course, hugging can act out an important emotional component during lovemaking. That’s why we decided to explore cuddling sex positions.

1. Missionary position with legs spread

Although many consider missionary positions to be the most boring in sex, this category of positions is a recognized classic of the genre. The missionary position is the embodiment of the patriarchal system, when a man ruled the ball in all spheres of life (including the bedroom), and a woman obeyed him. So, if you want to feel like a fragile blade of grass in the strong hands of your beloved, then you should start sexual experiments in search of poses for hugs with the “missionary”. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best sex positions for couples in love.

For those who want to experience the deepest possible penetration of the penis, it is recommended to try the position in which the woman spreads her legs to the sides. The advantage of the category of missionary positions is that they create not only close physical contact, but also strengthen the spiritual union between partners. You can hug, kiss, and stare into your soulmate’s bottomless eyes.

2. Missionary position with legs closed

The same position can produce dramatically opposite sensations if you make a small change. With the girl’s hips drawn together, both partners will experience new emotions. The walls of the vagina are narrower in this position, and the entrance to it seems to become shorter, so that even a man with a little “dignity” will feel like a giant in bed. At the same time, the girl will experience a pleasant feeling of maximum fulfillment. In addition, a tight position will add pleasant friction in the clitoris area, which will lead to a brighter orgasm.

3. Pose while sitting face to face

The sensual position of sex in a chair or on a sofa in the “Lotus” position will give a girl room for movement. The main advantage of the position is the deepest penetration of the penis into the female womb and in close contact of the clitoris with the partner’s body.

4. Posture in a sitting position behind the back

Another sensual option from a number of positions in sex while sitting. From experience I can say that sitting on your knees like this, sitting on a guy’s hips, is not very comfortable in the long run. I would suggest sitting down with your back to the man, lowering your legs – this will make it possible to move not only from side to side, but also to create a high range of motion from top to bottom. Hugging a man will not be easy, but he will be able to hug you until exhaustion, covering your neck with kisses. And this is great, because many girls have many erogenous zones on their necks. We also love with our ears, so a passionate whisper in our ear will add languor to sex.

5. Pose lying on the side

And this is the famous sex position with the funny name “Spoons”. The position received this name, because the bodies of the partners supposedly resemble two spoons pressed against each other. The authors of the names of sex positions have a very rich imagination. Personally, I don’t see any spoons here, but I see something else – room for stroking, nibbling, passionate whispers, erotic massage and, of course, hugs. An excellent position for those who like measured and unhurried sex. This option is ideal as a sex position before going to bed or for having sex in the morning – as soon as both lovers wake up.

6. Sex position in a hammock

Personally, I am not a fan of outdoor sex. I understand that oxygen is good for health and experiments enrich intimate life, but … in nature there are mosquitoes, thorny weeds, all sorts of grains of sand that are carried by the wind into all soft and tender places. Perhaps I would not check my vestibular apparatus with sex in a hammock. They prefer more stable surfaces. Experiments in nature 15 years ago I was still fed up. But I am old, lazy and tired of shocking poses. If you are young and have not lost your enthusiasm, then I recommend that you explore this spicy version of sex positions for making love in nature.

7. Pose in a sitting position with an incline

If you have a soft chair, ottoman or even a fitness ball, then I urgently recommend adapting these little things for sexual experiments. It will be somewhat difficult for a man to move in this position, so a lady riding on a guy will become the boss. The magnificent version of the “Rider” sex position will appeal to the ladies who are eager to feel the power of us as a man and to frolic on it. The pose is suitable for fast paces as well as slow, fluid movements. Hugs in her are not just a whim, but an important necessity, because hugs give both partners in this position a significant balance.

Enjoy your experiments and bright emotions. Be sure to try hugging poses to create a pleasant intimacy for the couple. Hugging, by the way, is one of the easiest ways to feel supported, experience a release of hormones of joy, and overcome stress in life. So I wish everyone, everyone, everyone to be hugged as often as possible. All orgasms and, most importantly, mutual love!  

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