20 best articles on sex

The Top 20 Sex Articles are great posts to make your life more interesting. These are fascinating facts, interesting tips for a variety of intimacy and personal stories. Read the sex blog, apply it all in your bed and don’t get bored!  

1. Sex toys controlled from a smartphone

Modern sex products can now sync with any smartphone. With the help of a special application and bluetooth, you can not only enable existing modes, but also create your own. And also these sex toys vibrate to the beat of music or ambient sounds. Your favorite tunes can now be felt inside! And entrust control to a remote user easily. Even if people are separated by thousands of kilometers, this is not a problem for having fun! What sex toys work this way? There are models for women, for men, and for couples. All about new technologies in the sex industry in the article on sex and sex toys. 

2. How I wore vaginal balls

Many have heard about vaginal balls , but do they help? Experts advise using them for regular exercise, but what matters is the opinion of those who have already tried it. A frank story about how the balls were used. The girl talks about different models, about their pros and cons. And also about what we managed to get after application. Personal experience of training and wearing balls is information that will be useful to those who are thinking about buying a simulator. And her words will help to understand which Kegel simulators are better. It turns out that not all of them are easy to use. 

3. Practicing hot melt : sex games with wax

How to diversify sex? Banal advice is already boring, but there are special practices that really help. It’s time to pick up the candles! Drops of wax, spreading over the skin, give a very pleasant experience. But it is important to do everything right, so that it is pleasant, not painful. Simple rules will help you turn foreplay into an adventure. How to choose the right candles? Will the regular ones from the hardware store work? How to properly melt the wax and then pour it onto the skin? How to control the temperature? Answers to many questions and detailed instructions on thermal melting . This article is only for those who like to discover everything new and unknown.

4. Sex toys for virgins

Innocence is not a reason to deny yourself pleasure. And the hymen does not interfere with relaxing with sex toys. What are the features of products for young girls? They do not sink into the body, they only affect the external erogenous zones. But at the same time they cause real orgasms! You can also use anal sex toys and BDSM products. Want to know what innocent maidens have fun with? Read all about the goods for them!

 5. Opinions of women about a big dick

Is a huge dick good or bad? The opinion should be asked not from the owners, but from the fair sex. And they talk about their experience of having sex with large penises. Did they like it or not? Do they want to repeat a similar experience? And what is so enchanting in large sizes? The revelations of women make you think about the “ideal” shape and length. Want to read honest comments? Then the article is for you!

6. Is it worth buying sex toys on Aliexpress ?

The price of sex toys in stores and on Chinese sites is very different, although the products are very similar. Why is there such a strong run-up in price, why similar things can be several times cheaper or more expensive? An expert opinion on the difference not only in price, but also in the quality of goods, in the method of their manufacture and the characteristics of materials. What things are really worth ordering on Aliexpress , and which ones are better not to risk it? And what could be the risk? A detailed comparison will help you look at the pros and cons of saving when buying sex toys.  

7. Sexwife or wife for rent – what is it?

It’s hard to surprise someone with an open relationship, but Sexwife is a new hobby for curious couples. This is a variant of communication when a woman makes love with other people, and a man organizes her meetings, often watches or takes part. Why do people choose this format of relationships? How do such contacts actually take place? What is the beauty of such experiments, do they help to strengthen the family or lead to divorce? An article about Sexwife , talking about such experiences and the pros and cons of such interactions.

8. Sex toys made of metal – the new trend of 2017

A sex toy can last for several decades. Moreover, it can be washed even in a dishwasher, stored in any conditions and used with any lubricant . This is not fantasy, this is a characteristic of metal sex toys. The special composition for intimate goods is, indeed, almost impossible to break. And such devices are also suitable for unusual games with temperature. So which sex toys last forever? What are their pros and cons. And how much is a device that can even be inherited?

9. How to get an orgasm from anal sex? Tips from real women

An article about anal sex, but in the first person. Several women at once told what helped them to fall in love with this practice. Stories about how the pain was overcome, how I had to get used to something not very pleasant. But this is real advice that can change attitudes. You don’t have to make your mistakes, you can learn from the experience of others. The information will be useful to those who do not like anal sex, but want to learn how to enjoy it. Only for supporters of bright sex and immodest experiments.

10. TOP 10 best selling sex toys

Sex toys make the life of a married couple several times more interesting. And according to statistics, most often they are bought by people who have a constant partner and are looking for ways to diversify intimacy. But what exactly do they choose? What products can improve the quality of sex? What helps to bring back passion and to feel familiar movements in a new way? This is a selection of 10 things that are changing the way we think about bed play. This article is only for those who are interested in sex toys and want to understand their variety. This is not a list of specific products, but a story about categories of adult products. 

11. Lovense Lush review : a vibrator that erases boundaries and distances

One of the most popular sex toys of 2017 is Lush by Lovense . This is a small ball that is controlled from a smartphone. This is the perfect thing for virtual sex, it connects people who are even on different continents. A dedicated app helps you create vibration modes. The device can move to the beat of your favorite music. Lush is also able to replace a regular mini-vibrator and even a Kegel trainer. With him it is easy to strengthen muscles, make sex in a pair amazing. And the vibrator can also be worn in the body, and no one around will guess about it. Its fluctuations are available anywhere! How to take an orgasm with you? User story with pictures.

12. What to give a man from a sex shop?

It’s not easy to find an interesting gift, but why not drop by a sex shop? There are frank things, for example, masturbators, which can only be presented to a very close person. And there are other little things that are appropriate to present even to a colleague. What could it be? For example, perfume with pheromones, they will help a single person find a pair. Handcuffs or an eye mask can be a fun gift. The assortment also includes funny key rings and erotic games. Find out what else you can choose for him, what will really be useful to the person and will make him smile many times.

13. Anilingus : techniques and postures

The technique is not for the squeamish. If you are not prepared to be very honest with your partners, you should not study this article on sex. Anilingus is the caress of the anus with the tongue. This practice leads to the highest pleasure, but there are many nuances. It is worth paying attention to preparation, then to act correctly with lips and tongue. How to do all this to please both? How to learn to enjoy it and stop being shy? Very frank text with detailed instructions.

14. Sex toys for simultaneous orgasm

Simultaneous orgasms happen. But not with everyone, and not often. It is difficult to achieve such synchronization in a couple, even after several years of marriage. But you can still do it, and sex toys will come to the rescue! What products are made for this experience? How do you apply them to experience the peak of bliss together? Simple tips for using intimate products will help you find the right rhythm, adjust to your partner and reach a new level of relationship. Everything is not as difficult as it seems at first!

15.10 addicting foreplay games

Another list of unforgettable practices for fabulous sex. But this is not about poses or sex toys, but about the exciting beginning of intimate contact. How to excite each other, how to turn the first caresses into an exciting adventure? Enough boring actions and familiar expressions, you need to be more inventive. 10 ways to seduce your loved one and get an unforgettable thrill from it. Maybe you should start with water games or erotic forfeits? Don’t forget about massage and dressing up! Read on and use your imagination!

16. What are nipple clamps and who needs them?

Not many people suspect the existence of nipple clamps. But this is an accessory that gives a lot of pleasant sensations. Both women and men can use it. And he wears several functions at once: beautifies the body, stimulates the delicate erogenous zone, and helps to bring an element of control to sexual intimacy. But what are the clamps and how are they different? How to use them to make the process enjoyable and exciting? Is this accessory suitable for everyone? An article about sex only for those who are not afraid of games on the verge of enchanting pleasure and light pain.

17. Blindfolded Sex – It’s Worth Trying

With the help of an eye patch, it will be possible to completely remove visual images. And immediately the sense of smell, touch will become sharper. Any touch will seem more intense and exciting. And if you add an element of the game with a blind person, you get to experience something enchanting. What happens if both participants do not see? All about similar experiments in this article. And many recommendations for the embodiment of such a sexual game. These are tips on how to change intimacy in a couple, how to return passion without spending a lot of money on complicated accessories.

18. Review of Cookie Svakom Pink baby with amazing tentacles

A story about a clitoral stimulator that thousands of women love. It looks like a funny octopus, which with its tentacles seems to embrace the most sensitive part of the female body. His movements are so gentle that orgasm comes almost instantly. And this baby can even be carried in a purse, it takes up little space. This is the story of a girl who has already tried Cookie on herself. Let’s reveal the secret in advance, she liked it! And it’s true that such a kid not only gives a lot of pleasure, but also costs not much!

19.5 best intimate lubricants to prolong sex

There are many ways to make sex last longer. The easiest one is to buy a special lubricant that will slow down the man. The composition is applied to the body before sex and gives good results. But which lubricant should you choose? The 5 most popular options are described in this article. Surprisingly, many of them cost no more than dinner. So what is their feature, why do thousands of men choose just such intimate cosmetics, and not other means to control the duration of intimacy?

20. New from Satisfyer ! 3 best sex toys of 2018!

Vibrators that guarantee orgasm exist! They bring to the peak of bliss even those women who have never received maximum pleasure before. And all this in just 2-3 minutes. New wave stimulation technology now responds in seconds. And it has been in use for several years. But in 2018, it was also combined with vibration, and Super Vibrators with an incredible effect appeared on sale. They have been on the market for less than 6 months, and are already breaking sales records. So what are these sex toys? What technologies “blew up” the market this year?

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