12 sex positions for couples with big height differences

Height differences can be a hindrance, limiting the choice of sex positions. However, do not rush to despair, because there are many positions that allow you to enjoy the love process, even if your partners resemble Gulliver and a midget. In our list you will find all kinds of options for situations when a man is much higher or lower than his chosen one.

1. Perpendicular

A comfortable position for any pair, no matter which of the partners is taller. The position is ideal for leisurely sex while providing deep penetration from an unusual angle. An unforgettable view of the body of his beloved woman will open before the man. 

2. On the table

A great idea on the list of poses for every room in the house. Sex on the table is suitable for the study or dining room, giving lovers the opportunity to experiment. It doesn’t matter which of you is higher. The main thing is for a man to reach the table with his intimate place. 🙂 

3. Eagle

This position is also called “Slingshot” because of the position of the partner’s legs. However, to some it resembles an eagle sitting on a branch. Well, dreamers. 🙂 This is another comfortable option for couples in which a guy or a girl is much higher than a partner.

4. Birch

Do you like unusual positions? Then turn your attention to the flexible sex position option . “Birch” is suitable if the partner is short or tall, but light. You won’t be able to move quickly, but you will experience unusual sensations associated with a non-standard angle of penetration. The head can be dizzy in the literal sense of the word, because the blood rushes to it. Get ready for some amazing sex! 

5. Origami

In this position, partners add up to one whole, like origami. Ideal for big guys and petite girls. A man can raise and lower his girlfriend, supporting her behind his back with his hands. In this position, you can use the newfangled sex stimulator for couples, which has hit the top of the most popular vibrators. 

6. On the side

An unusually pleasant position for quiet sex. A passionate yet calm position allows you to stroke and kiss each other endlessly. The orgasm will not be violent, but calm and relaxing. And you definitely will not wake up the neighbors, because the man will drown out the moans of his friend with a kiss. 

7. Lotus flower

Gorgeous and sensual position for short girls is an excellent sex position for lovers. In this position, close physical contact is ensured, and the couple can hug, kiss and whisper all sorts of cute nonsense, thereby igniting the volcano of passions even more. 

8. Doggy

Positions like ” doggy- style” are considered universal, as they are suitable for almost everyone. Pay attention to this option if in your pair the girl is taller or heavier than the man. By the way, the pose is also suitable for petite girls.

9. Amazon

This pose has many advantages. First, it is suitable for sex in the car, in the kitchen, or in the office. Secondly, she is unusually comfortable and pleasant for fragile and short girls, because there is something exciting in being on top of a strong man. However, do not forget about the nuances, because this option is one of the dangerous positions for sex. The legs can break off, the partner can drop the lady, or both of them wrap up from the chair, getting injured. Before having sex, make sure the chair is strong and the man has strong arms.  

10. Sleeping angel

A wonderful variation of “spoons” is perfect if the girl is petite and the man is rather large. The sensitive position allows the man to caress his partner’s clitoris, delivering both vaginal and clitoral orgasms at the same time . This option is considered one of the best positions for a quick orgasm. 

11. Reverse cowgirl

This option is worth trying for couples in which the girl is smaller than the man, or taller (but not heavier). A good idea for women who love dominance.

12. Missionary pose

This option will be convenient if the man is short and light, and his partner is large. This is a wonderful sex position on a narrow bed. In this position, even a thin short man will feel like a real macho. The difference in height does not affect the quality of sex if both partners are open to experimentation, take into account their physiological characteristics and are ready to listen to each other’s wishes. Love each other and bright orgasms for you! 

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