12 hot sex positions for a cold winter

It gets colder every day, but it doesn’t matter. We already know that love can warm not only the soul and heart, but also the body. We bring to your attention a selection of sultry sex positions that will warm you even on the coldest evenings.

1. Face to face sitting

Warm yourself in each other’s arms by making sensual love. A great sex position for couples in love will allow bodies and souls to merge together. Deep penetration is guaranteed. Plus for girls in friction in the clitoris.

2. Standing behind your back

This standing sex position will suit fans of dominant role-playing games. Hand tying is ideal here, as this pose is known as the “Jailer”. The range of motion is quite varied. If you are cold, ask the man to speed up the pace. 

3. Legs on the shoulders

Do you want the deepest penetration? Then try a pose in which the woman lies on her back with her legs thrown over her partner’s shoulders. To create different pressure, widen or narrow the opening of the vagina, try occasionally changing the position of your legs: move and spread your hips, place your feet on both of the guy’s shoulders, or place both of your feet on one of his shoulders.

4. Amazon

This is a great variation of the Horsewoman pose for girls looking for domination in the bedroom. The pose differs from the classic “Horsewoman” in that the partner is squatting over the man. This position not only allows you to move sharper, but also helps the penis to penetrate deeper into the bosom of the woman. Nice position for a guy with a small dick.

5. Bridge

What about acrobatic sketches in sex positions for the most flexible ones? I assure you, in just a couple of seconds in this position, you will become very, very hot. I advise you to warm up first, especially for girls. Make sure there is a soft surface under the lady’s head, put a pillow.

6. Standing on your hands

A spicy and slightly insane position for those who are tired of the classic lying poses. Show your imagination, think over the pace and rhythm. A man should be more careful in reciprocating, so as not to create tension in the girl’s lower back.

7. On his arms

Does your boyfriend brag about great bitsuhi after going to the gym? Let it prove its strength in practice. Offer him a sex position in a standing position with the condition that the guy will hold you in his arms.

8. At the edge of the bed

Just an awesome idea of ​​sex positions for maximum partner satisfaction. As you know, the back, neck, chest and ears are the erogenous zones of many women. The guy will rub his body against the back of his girlfriend, cover her neck with kisses, whisper something exciting in her ear, and at the same time stimulate his breasts during sex. But the most important thing in this position is the stimulation of the clitoris, which can be created by the partner herself, or the partner can fondle her with his hands in the holy of holies. Also, in this position, you can integrate sex toys, such as “Butterfly” or other clitoral stimulators and vibrators for couples.

9.69 in the bridge

Want to rub your nose with some of the hardest stars in adult movies? Show your lovers’ superior skill by trying this variation of the 69 pose. You can even make an intimate video to commemorate your accomplishments in the bedroom.

10. On your knees

It is difficult to list all the options for the kneeling position. Doggy style is considered one of the most favorite poses by many, since it has many advantages:

– the pose is suitable for both vaginal and anal sex;

– both partners can move;

– an exciting view of the back and buttocks of a friend opens in front of the man’s eyes;

– This is one of the most slimming positions in sex.

In this position, even the bodies of plump and skinny ones acquire exquisite curves. I did not forget anything? Oh yes! In the doggy-style pose, it is very convenient to use spanking techniques – erotic slaps on the buttocks. Take my word for it: after a couple of skillful spanks, even the coldest evening will seem hot. So I strongly recommend trying the pose, because a bright orgasm in it is guaranteed for both partners.

11. Legs apart

Another position that requires a lot of flexibility. Before proceeding to such experiments, you should practice doing the twine. A good start to practice is yoga-style sex positions. Plus the pose: access to the clitoris opens up, which can be fondled during intercourse.

12. In the twine

How do you like this option with twine? Having mastered the skill of long twine during sex, the partner will not only give herself more vivid sensations, but also pleasantly surprise her man. After all, guys just lose their heads at the sight of flexible girls.

Give each other your love and warmth. Warm your loved one with kisses and hugs (and more). All pleasant experiments and mutual feelings!

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