10 unconscious bed mistakes

Can’t understand the reason for your chronically bad mood? Do people around you consider you an evil and unbalanced person? Experts are sure that these are the consequences of dissatisfaction with intimate life. They argue that the reason for everything is unconscious mistakes that partners make during sexual intercourse. Which ones? Let’s try to figure it out.

1. Imitate the heroes of porn films 

Do not forget that screen scenes and real life are two diametrically opposed things. Do not turn on-screen images for yourself into a standard. Remember that a partner cannot selflessly satisfy you all night long, and it is unlikely that you yourself will be able to reach the peak of pleasure in an uncomfortable position.

2. Be ashamed of conversations about sex 

Are you ready to discuss everything with your loved one, except for intimate relationships? Is it embarrassing, uncomfortable and unnatural for you? If you do not change your attitude towards this topic, you will continue to experience discomfort during sex.

3. Take off your socks 

Of course, this is a personal preference for each person. However, scientists who study questions in the field of sexology argue that this attribute of everyday life makes partners feel safe and relaxed.

4. Feel insecure 

Most women are critical of their body imperfections. This creates a feeling of insecurity about their attractiveness. You need to change your attitude towards yourself. Otherwise, you risk being left alone and losing interest in intimacy.

5. Think he likes the same as you do 

In simple words, this is selfishness. Each person is different. It’s time to think and talk frankly with your soul mate. Most likely, you will be surprised to hear his fantasies and preferences. Take responsibility for your sex life.

6. Take small incidents seriously 

Do not idealize intimacy. Remember that in bed you can lose control over your actions (for example, hitting your partner, falling, etc.). Don’t be shy and apologize. Learn to take these moments, even the most uncomfortable ones, with humor.

7. Consider orgasm as your main goal 

Misconception. External factors (fatigue, bad mood, etc.) do not always lead to an orgasm. At such moments, sexual pleasure can be obtained from simpler things (touching, kissing, flirting).

8. Think that your loved one is a telepath 

It is only in the cinema that people are able to understand each other without words and predict desires. Unfortunately, everything in life is much more prosaic. Do not be afraid to voice your preferences and desires, and then you will certainly get the expected pleasure.

9. Refuse to experiment 

That is why you are bored and uninteresting. Sex becomes a routine and becomes a duty. It’s easy to fix. Watch films, read specialized literature, choose your favorite position or script. Refresh your sex life for new emotions and sensations.

10. You think that your pleasure depends solely on the efforts of your partner 

Remember that no one knows your body better than you. You can have a stormy and unique sex, but if you do not prompt and do not help your chosen one, then you risk being left without “sweet”. Remember that there are no situations in life that cannot be changed, especially in the intimate sphere. Knowing the reasons why physical intimacy does not bring joy, try not to allow them, and life will shine with new colors. 

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