10 reasons to try sex toys with a partner

I have become a fan of sex toys since purchasing my first vibrator, but for a long time my solo experiments in bed remained a secret for my chosen one.

I bought a purple unit out of despair and an acute lack of sex. My boyfriend and I had a long distance relationship for three years. We were separated by 300 kilometers. We saw each other no more than once a month. You understand yourself – the body demanded a release, and it was not with the hand to change. Tired of classic masturbation, I decided to go to the nearest sex shop. I didn’t return home by myself, there was a new friend in my purse. I will not describe the opening experience, but definitely my mind was torn into thousands of small pieces. There was no return to the old miserable existence. The guy kept coming to me for one weekend in 30 days, and in his absence I got powerful orgasms from the buzzing device. Later he moved to me, we began to live together, but I could not refuse to use the vibrator. I had to bring the device out of the shadows and into the light and introduce the boyfriend to his “replacement”. At first, the beloved was offended, but later misunderstanding gave way to curiosity. Now I can confidently say that I owe my amazing sex life to the use of adult products. Sex toys have entered our bedroom forever.


Why play with a guy?

1. You are guaranteed to have fun

Relaxation can be difficult at times, no matter how hard your partner tries. According to research by scientists from the Kinsey Institute , 70% of women need additional stimulation of the clitoris to get orgasm.

It is incredibly difficult to combine a stable pea massage with frictions . When pushing, the partner’s fingers lose their rhythm and change the pressure, which negatively affects the quality of stimulation. The vibrator provides an even effect, allowing the man to focus on his own feelings.

2. Your partner will also be pleased

It is proved, both by theory and practice, that not only women can use various vibration toys . The male perineum reacts sharply to the tingling touch of special devices, the scrotum is sensitive to superficial influences, and prostate massage can bring a partner to a mind-blowing orgasm.

If the chosen one is not yet ready to shove a third-party object into himself, then I recommend paying attention to special sex toys for two, for example, vibrators for couples. They are a horseshoe-shaped device, one half of which is placed in the vagina, and the other is pressed against the clitoris. When the penis is inserted into the vagina, pleasant sensations are provided for both lovers.

3. You can have multiple orgasms in a row.

There are only a few really frigid women, in other cases, the inability to achieve orgasm is due to emotional stress and stress. The aforementioned scientists conducted a series of experiments involving middle-aged couples. The subjects were divided into four groups. The first was supplied with a set of identical sex toys, the second was prescribed a course of drugs to increase attraction, the third was sent to psychologists, and the representatives of the fourth group acted as control individuals. The results astounded the experimenters. It turned out that toys are on the same level as pharmaceuticals. Adult products enhance erotic satisfaction, relieve emotional stiffness, and can trigger a series of orgasms. The introduction of innovations in sex provokes new, incomparable sensations.  


4. Experiments make sex hotter

The exploration of unexplored erotic horizons not only opens up new ways of receiving pleasure for lovers , but also increases the degree of habitual intercourse. Even if on this day you want lazy missionary sex, the realization of the fact that tomorrow you can handcuff your partner or attach nipple clamps to him turns banal coitus into an extraordinary attraction .

Just imagine how many options there are for using remote control devices, butt plugs and beads, penis attachments, double dildos and strap- ons . New sensations in sex will be provided to you.

5. You will start trying new poses.

The arsenal of married couples includes up to 10 sexual positions, the rest of the Kama Sutra remains out of sight of lovers. However, some sex toys do not fit into such a meager list of techniques. You will have to sign up for stretching , and send your spouse to the rocking chair.

Do not worry, for basic use of devices, average physical data and expanding the list of poses to 20-30 pieces are quite enough. However, the advanced level will require lovers to be creative and 100% realize their creativity. Don’t worry, you will start to have interesting ideas for sex by itself;)

6. Mutual masturbation is delicious

Masturbating yourself is good, but pleasing yourself in front of the chosen one is even better. In addition to clearly demonstrating your preferences, you will make a great choice. Everyone knows that men are turned on by visual images, so your show will give him a genuine aesthetic and erotic pleasure.

Mutual masturbation with vibrators or deep petting will be a springboard for short, but memorable sex. You will disperse blood to each other and replace the annoying classic foreplay. By observing your partner’s response, you will discover the most enjoyable types of stimulation and greatly enhance your knowledge of your spouse’s satisfaction.  

7. You can fulfill your fantasies

For reasons beyond your control, many paths in life were closed to you. For example, you always wanted to be a cop , but it has become an impossible task to run the obligatory cross in the entrance exams. Or your partner wants to take the chair of the head of the company, but even in the most successful scenario, he will achieve an increase only in 2-3 years.

Why settle for little when you can be anything in the bedroom? Role-playing games after visiting a sex shop take to the next level. Here you will find a vibro- rod of the GBDD, and a maid’s dress, complete with amusing feather dusters, and an anal set for “medical” procedures. For sophisticated lovers, you can even choose the image of a celebrity or a mascot costume. Believe me, there are a great many ideas for sex.

8. You and your partner will get rid of complexes

To offer the chosen one to play is already a huge step towards emancipation. Now I will try to cite the most common female and male complexes that can actually be overcome with the help of products in the 18+ category.

I’ll start, perhaps, with a strong half of humanity. Boys from childhood measure their pussies and consider their genital organ not long / thick / smooth / firm enough (underline as necessary). Teaser ads offering to enlarge the penis, make it more attractive and durable collects the most conversions.

When a guy starts wielding a vibrator, he realizes that the power is not in the penis. Watching his partner come over and over again, he gains value in his own eyes. Doubts about the solvency in the role of a lover completely disappear.

Now let’s talk about girls. I don’t know how things are in “depraved Europe”, but Slavs still feel stiff in bed. Much of the blame lies with the Soviet tempering. Girls, born after the collapse of the USSR, learned from old blinkered teachers.

Once I happened to attend an experimental sex education lesson in a school in Kharkov. Surprisingly, the children turned out to be more adequate than the 40-year-old biology teacher. They asked specific questions, and she blushed in response and walked away from the topic. As a result, the hour-long conversation boiled down to pregnancy intimidation and an appeal to abstain until marriage.

But I digress, often modern young girls think in the standards of their grandmothers. They are shy of their bodies, reluctant to experiment, refuse oral sex and consider the absence of orgasm to be the norm. The use of sex toys will force you to reconsider the views on intimacy. You will notice how your partner will literally devour you with his eyes, looking forward to the next trip to the bedroom. Although I am petty, the fulfillment of a conjugal duty will go beyond the marriage bed. There is nothing better than feeling desired and loved. 


9. You will insure each other against cheating

The question is, why go to the left, if everything you need is at arm’s length? A man is a lazy creature, he will have no time to seek adventure on the side when his partner provides him with a nightly complex of thrills. Likewise, a woman who is satisfied in bed will not allow the thought of having another lover.

It is necessary to fight against cheating not with scandals and regular “eating the brain” with a dessert spoon, but with the correct tactics and a deliberate strategy. Sex toys can tip the scales in your favor and help wily lovers wipe their nose.

10. Sharing shopping brings together

Buying sex toys together is incredibly fun and educational. For a start, it is better to sit down at a computer and go to the website of an adult store, and a little later go to an offline point of sale. I give a guarantee, you will see products that will cause you bewilderment, surprise, laughter and even fear.

Once my boyfriend and I decided to add to the home collection of devices and quite by accident came across a robot horse for sexual pleasures. Mahina looked like an enlarged rocking horse with a dildo connected to an electric drive. The miracle of technology was powered from the network through a cord. The manufacturers promised several modes of vibration, pulsation and rotation.

Forgive the pun, but we laughed like horses over a toy, over the target audience of such products, and over the mental state of the developers. Although we didn’t buy anything that day, the positive emotions from shopping were worth the time and effort.

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